Super Mario 3D World (Luigi Bros.)

Дата выхода 22 ноября 2013
Платформа Nintendo Wii U
Издатель Nintendo
Разработчик Nintendo
Жанр Экшн, Платформер, Приключения
Игроков 4+
Кооператив Есть
ESRB E - Everyone
Описание Super Mario 3D World
Four Players + Three Dimensions = Super Mario Fun Work together with your friends or compete for the crown in the first multiplayer 3D Mario game for the Wii U console. In the Super Mario™ 3D World game, players can choose to play as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, or Toad. Features: * Each character has unique abilities and play styles. For example, Princess Peach glides over gaps, while Luigi has his trademark extra-high jump. * The new cat transformation allows players to run on all fours, pounce on enemies, attack in midair, or use their claws to scamper up walls and goal poles. * Explore colorful 3D environments filled with obstacles and contraptions like transparent pipes and vertical conveyor belts, which add new puzzle elements. * Use the Wii U GamePad Controller's touch screen to search for hidden blocks and freeze enemies in place. * Unlock Luigi Bros., the Luigi version of the classic Mario Bros. arcade game.
Видео Super Mario 3D World
Скриншоты Super Mario 3D World
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