Field Commander

Дата выхода 23 мая 2006
Платформа Sony Playstation Portable
Издатель Sony Online Entertainment
Разработчик Sony Online Entertainment
Жанр Стратегия
Игроков 2
Кооператив Нет
ESRB T - Teen
Описание Field Commander
From Sony Online Entertainment, the makers of Untold Legends on PSP, Field Commander is a turn-based strategy game for the portable system. Use any of the game's 15 military units to conquer the opposing army, and deploy your field of 11 officers to lead the battle. Field Commander features 30 single-player battles, plus offers a level designer function and multiplayer head-to-head over ad-hoc and internet play.
Видео Field Commander
Скриншоты Field Commander
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