Cadaver: The Payoff

Дата выхода 1991
Платформа Amiga
Издатель Renegade
Разработчик Bitmap Brothers
Жанр RPG, Приключения
Игроков 1
Кооператив Нет
Описание Cadaver: The Payoff
The original game Cadaver has a follow-up named The Payoff. After defeating Dianos, Karadoc returns to the inn only to find his employers gone, and every living person within the city either dead or transformed into a monster. Seeking the cause behind this, the dwarf fights his way to the local temple, and finds the answers - and his money - deep down in the crypts. Gameplay is similar. Cadaver: The Payoff has only four levels, but they are significantly larger than those of the first game, and the second level has a large number of monsters and scant possibilities to heal.
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