Populous 2: Trials of the Olympian Gods

Дата выхода 1 декабря 1991
Платформа Amiga
Жанр Стратегия, Симулятор жизни
Игроков 1
Кооператив Нет
ESRB Not Rated
Описание Populous 2: Trials of the Olympian Gods
Populous II: Trials of the Olympian Gods is a 1991 strategy video game in the Populous series for the Amiga, Atari ST and MS-DOS-based computers, developed by Bullfrog Productions. Populous II was remade and remastered for the Nintendo DS in 2008. Populous II is a direct sequel to Bullfrog's earlier game Populous and is one of the company's most notable games. Like its predecessor, Populous II is a god game, where the player is guiding his people in battle against the followers of an enemy god. Whereas Populous only generally alluded to undefined deities, Populous II is specifically set under the backdrop of Greek mythology. The player is a demigod, one of Zeus's countless children with mortal women, and has to battle one Greek deity at a time until finally facing his father. Zeus has promised to let the player into the Pantheon on Olympus if he can survive all the battles.
Скриншоты Populous 2: Trials of the Olympian Gods
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