Chaos Rings

Дата выхода 10 октября 2012
Платформа Android
Издатель Square Enix
Разработчик Media.Vision
Жанр RPG
Игроков 1
Кооператив Нет
ESRB T - Teen
Описание Chaos Rings
Chaos Rings is a traditional JRPG for modern Android devices. Using a classic game system that any RPG fan will enjoy, it presents an epic tale consisting of four different scenarios, all brought to you with gorgeous sound and beautiful 3D graphics. The story revolves around a tournament where combatants fight for their lives: the Ark Arena. Upon choosing a pair of characters, one male and one female, you must compete against the other partners in a test of strength and resolve. Each pair has their own story, and the real truth behind the Ark Arena will only be revealed when each story is completed in its entirety. This lends Chaos Rings a unique repeatability that is well-suited to mobile devices.