Chaos Rings Omega

Дата выхода 22 ноября 2012
Платформа Android
Издатель Square Enix
Разработчик Media.Vision
Жанр RPG
Игроков 1
Кооператив Нет
Описание Chaos Rings Omega
Chaos Rings Omega is the second installment in the popular Chaos Rings mobile video game series. Chaos Rings is a traditional RPG that has been tailor-made for touchscreen devices while still including many features usually only seen on video game consoles, such as beautiful 3D graphics, smooth animations, and full voice acting (in Japanese only), and a refined user interface. The game's plot ties in closely with the original Chaos Rings, again featuring the life-or-death combat tournament known as the Ark Arena. This iteration of the deadly competition, however, takes place a full 10,000 years before the events of the first game. Taking control of the youthful and daring Vieg, players take part in epic battles, delve into timeless tragedies, and explore a wondrous tale ten millennia in the making.