Three Wonders (3 Wonders)

Дата выхода 1 августа 1991
Платформа Arcade
Издатель Capcom
Разработчик Capcom
Жанр Экшн, Платформер, Головоломка
Игроков 2
Кооператив Нет
Описание Three Wonders
Three Wonders, known in Japan as Wonder 3 is an arcade game made by Capcom in 1991 using the Capcom Play System (CPS1) platform. It contained three games from which a player may choose: Midnight Wanderers: Quest for the Chariot (known in Japan as Roosters: Chariot no Sagashite) - A platform game that sees the player control a hobbit named Lou and his travelling companion, Siva, to run, climb, and shoot at enemies. Chariot: Adventure through the Sky (known in Japan as Chariot: Tenkuu he no Tabi) - A shoot 'em up game featuring the characters from Midnight Wanderers, but in a Gradius-esque game. Don't Pull - A puzzle game similar to games like the Eggerland series, Pengo and Capcom's own puzzle game Pirate Ship Higemaru that involves you controlling either a rabbit named Don (Player 1) or a squirrel called Pull (Player 2), pushing blocks to crush monsters.
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