Tetris: The Grand Master

Дата выхода 1 августа 1998
Платформа Arcade
Жанр Головоломка
Игроков 1
Кооператив Нет
ESRB E - Everyone
Описание Tetris: The Grand Master
Tetris: The Grand Master (テトリス ザ・グランドマスター Tetorisu: Za Gurando Masutā?) is a series of puzzle games created by Arika based on the popular Tetris license. The Grand Master series introduced several play mechanics to Tetris gameplay which can be seen today in its sequels and many other Tetris implementations. The original game was followed by two sequels also developed by Arika: Tetris the Absolute: The Grand Master 2 in 2000 (with a Plus version released soon after) and Tetris: The Grand Master 3 - Terror-Instinct in 2005. A related console game, Tetris: The Grand Master Ace was published by AQ Interactive on December 10, 2005 and was a launch title for the Xbox 360's Japan release