Marble Madness

Дата выхода 1 декабря 1984
Платформа Arcade
Издатель Atari Games
Разработчик Atari Games
Жанр Стратегия, Головоломка, Гонки
Игроков 2
Кооператив Нет
Описание Marble Madness
Marble Madness is an isometric platform game where the player manipulates an onscreen marble from a third-person perspective. The player controls the marble's movements with a trackball, though most home versions use game controllers with directional pads. The aim of the game is for the player to traverse six maze-like, isometric courses before a set amount of time expires. Each course has its own time limit, with the remaining time left over from completing a course added to the succeeding one.
Скриншоты Marble Madness