Asteroid Belt

Дата выхода 1983
Платформа Atari 2600
Издатель Suntek
Разработчик Suntek
Жанр Шутер
Кооператив Нет
Описание Asteroid Belt
Classical Atari 2600 game! In Asteroid Belt you are flying - guess what - through an asteroid belt. Typical for Atari is the lack of and ending, so you´re shooting asteroids for points. You can fly and also shoot in four different directions and even control your speed. Sometimes there is a giant UFO trying to catch and kill you, so the fast speed is comming in handy, although you have to avoid the asteroids and flee from the giant UFO. This is one of the few non-popular Atari games amongst the universe of Atari Space-games that is really good.