Дата выхода 1980
Платформа Atari 2600
Издатель Activision
Разработчик Activision
Жанр Гонки
Игроков 2
Кооператив Нет
Описание Dragster
You have in your hand one of the most exciting video games ever designed. One word of caution: this game takes a little time to learn because it's so challenging. It's very tricky. So, please read these directions and give yourself some practice time. Then you can aim for the World Record. Game 1: Straight-ahead Dragster, one or two players. Game 2: Steerable Dragster, one or two players. Your Joystick Controller is both the clutch and gear shift for your Dragster; the red button is your gas pedal. Use left Joystick for the top car; right one for bottom car. Hold Joystick with button at the upper left. To shift gears, clutch by pushing Joystick to the left and shift by letting the Joystick spring back to the center. Your car starts each race in neutral (N). There are four gear positions--1, 2, 3, 4--and you must clutch and shift between each gear. You cannot downshift. When the countdown reaches 0, you can start. If you drop into gear too soon, before the end of the countdown, EARLY will appear on the screen and you have to wait for the next race. You can clutch during the countdown, but you cannot drop into 1st until the countdown reaches 0. The object of Dragster is to beat your opponent across the screen, or to race against the clock for best time.
Скриншоты Dragster