Midnight Mutants

Дата выхода 10 октября 1990
Платформа Atari 7800
Издатель Atari
Разработчик Radioactive Software
Жанр Экшн
Игроков 1
Кооператив Нет
Описание Midnight Mutants
Can you save Grampa from Plasmic Prison 7800 Arcade adventure like you've never seen before. This game has it all places like rivers, deep dark forests, creepy caverns, labs, creatures like Vampires, Mutant zombies and menacing bats. Your adventure includes exploring large areas and finding awesome weapons. A press of a button brings instant on-screen hints and tips. It all adds up to awesome action with mega Graphics. Grampa’s back, it’s up to you to wipe out the Monsters and clean up.