Water Ski

Дата выхода 27 мая 1988
Платформа Atari 7800
Издатель Froggo Games Corporation
Разработчик Froggo Games Corporation
Жанр Спорт
Кооператив Нет
Описание Water Ski
In Water Ski you are water skiing on the Pharonna River. You control both the boat and skier in this vertically scrolling action game. Your goal is to reach the finish line before time runs out and also to earn as many points as possible. The river is quite dangerous, and features many twists and turns along with rocks, logs and other obstacles. For bonus points there are numerous ramps located throughout the river which your skier can jump over (and if you can manage to ski over every ramp on the level, you'll earn even more points!). You start the game with four skiers, and the game ends when all of you skiers have crashed.
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