Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure

Дата выхода 11 июня 2015
Платформа Nintendo 3DS
Издатель Nintendo
Разработчик Arika
Жанр Головоломка
Игроков 2
Кооператив Нет
ESRB E - Everyone
Описание Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure
Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure is a falling block tile-matching video game and offers five distinct game modes with the option to use power-ups in each mode. The first mode, "Dr. Mario", is played using the traditional rules of the Dr. Mario series. In "Dr. Luigi", two different capsules joined together to create L-shaped configurations are dropped into the playing field at a time (The same mechanic was used in the "Operation L" mode of the video game of the same name). Both of these modes are each available in single player and competitive multiplayer modes. "Virus Buster", a game mode that was featured in Dr. Mario Online Rx and Dr. Luigi, is played by holding the Nintendo 3DS vertically and using the touchscreen to drag the capsules via a drag and drop interface. There is also an online mode that utilizes the Nintendo Network service. Finally, there is the debuting "Miracle Cure Laboratory" mode, which features a number of set challenges to complete.
Видео Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure
Скриншоты Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure
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